Where Your Pet Will Have
A Howlin' Good Time!

Our Volunteer Work,
A Gesture Of Passion

The Howl a Day Inn helps the animals that need it most; giving them a real second chance at finding a forever home.

What We Do

We foster and train dogs for several rescues and shelters across the province. The dogs that we take in usually have issues causing them to have difficulty in being adopted, have severe medical issues that they must recover from or behavioral problems that need to be worked on. We try to place these dogs in the best forever homes and offer their owners lifetime support so these fur kids have the best life after leaving us.

Why We Do This

As a young child and teen April volunteered thousands of hours and worked in an animal shelter. Helping the animals that need it most has become a very important passion. Watching these dogs recover from their past experiences is very rewarding and seeing them with smiles in their new homes is worth all the time we spend helping them become great dogs.

Take A Moment To Read About Some Of Our Happy Ending Stories

Schooner (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Schooner comfortably rolled up on his cousin in his new home

This old red boy was found roaming the streets of Moncton in the middle of the night in extremely frigid temperatures. His finder entrusted us with him and we brought him home to see if we could locate his owners. Because he was a purebred and did have identification we thought locating his parents would be fairly simple however we were wrong. After 4 days and the help of breeders from Canada, USA, and Australia we still had no luck. Fortunately, a very knowledgeable home with multiple Rhodesians contacted me offering to take him into their loving home for the rest of his days. As you can see in the picture he is very much loved and cared for. Thank you to a client family for helping cover his expense while with us, and to his new family for coming to his rescue!

Hunter (Labrador Retriever)

Hunter standing playfully alert outside in snow

Hunter was left at the Moncton SPCA with separation anxiety. At the time April was working there and her manager Nanette felt terrible for this 6-month-old boy stressing in his kennel. He came home for the weekend and never left. At the start training was difficult. Hunter would break out of crates and be very destructive. After hundreds of hours and over 10 sets of classes with multiple trainers, Hunter became a demo dog for obedience classes. April located his breeder and they were able to get his registration papers and compete with him. Hunter proved to be a very intelligent dog achieving multiple obedience titles. He then proved to be a gentle boy assisting with foster kittens that came for help. Hunter is now an old man and is retired. He is a little spoiled these days sleeping on the bed and helping April rehabilitate dog-aggressive dogs.

Liberty & Harley (Black Weimaraner Mix & Husky Mix)

Liberty and Harley standing side by side looking intrigued

Liberty: This high drive girl was at the MSPCA. She was extremely reactive in her kennel, underweight and very rude. With the help of Tiffany, from the Bahamas, we trained this girl to be a wonderful companion. After being adopted, her young owner brought her to obedience classes and she proved to be a very intelligent dog. We were very grateful her adopters gave her a chance and worked with her to overcome her issues.

Harley: This boy was left at Elmwood Veterinary Hospital as his owners were no longer able to keep him. This boy pulled some serious heart strings and we were almost unable to place him. Harley has severe anxiety when left alone, he was an escape artist as well. He would bust out screens in windows, destroys doors, household items, crates, etc.. We spent 3 months working with Harley and at the end of our training he was able to be loose in our home with a doggy friend. He was quite the comical gentleman and to date is the only dog that was able to climb our fence and sit on our front deck waiting to greet customers. He would never run away, he just wanted to be loved by his people. Harley was adopted by our doggy friend Carole Galluchon who works in the dog industry as well- we were so grateful to find him a perfect home.

Testimonial Excerpt

If you are looking for a trainer/handler or place to leave your dog while at work or on vacation, do not look any further. continue reading... - Amanda I. L. Wilson
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